Saturday, May 25, 2013


Now playing; beneath your beautiful.

I just realized that my nails are a little bit difference than before. No more white spots on my finger nails. Yea!! I had them since I was a kid. The white spots were on most of my nails except my toes nails.

Early this year, I started to drink milk everyday. I bought 2 cantons of milk for starting (thanks Tesco for the good price) and omega milk for cholesterol. Since then, I'm a big fan of milk. Hik.

And few months past.

The white spots are getting invisible. Amazing right? Maybe before this my body does not receive enough essential nutrients.

Trust me. If you are facing the same problem as I am, try drink milk everyday. Milk not just good for your bones but your nails too.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I hate dogs

Penat tak abes lagi. I can curse until next week because of dogs!

Nightmare mula last week masa oncall. Ada kes ct scan untuk patient yang dah buat xray sebelum tu. Yes. Sengaja kan tak nak mintak ct scan sekali dengan xray tadi. Nak jugak hantar patient yang sama banyak kali. Blergh.

Niat cuma satu. Nak balik rumah. Serius. Niat cuma satu saja. Anjing yang tunggu kat rumah lebih daripada satu. Not fair.

I think they thought I am a burgular. Or maybe worst, a ghost. *cry a river* Teruk sangat ke muka aku pukul 4 pagi sampai ingat aku ni hantu. Cis. Entah entah they weren't barking at me. Maybe soooomeethiiing behind me. *cry me a river* Hey! Hantu tak pakai tudung warna oren dengan seliper cap Flipper warna merah lah. Haish.

The dogs came out of no where. Masa pergi tak ada pun. Balik saja yang depa dok buat ramai. Gila.

It wasn't funny and fun at all to be chased and barked by dogs at 4am! Plus, being chased four times in a day by the same dogs is not fun at all!

Gelak. Gelak. Gelak. Kena kat diri sendiri baru tau.

To make them go away, I just threw anything. Sand, stones even plastic bag (yeah. It worked for me). Maybe after I did it they finally realized that you were a human, not a ghost. Ghost didn't throw plastic bag at dogs at 4am. I think so.

Pergi mati tepi-tepi dengan orang cakap jangan lari kalau nampak anjing. Kalau dah anjing tu berlari-lari pergi kat hang, nak duduk diam lagi. Do something! Ini anjing tu dah macam adik beradik anjing dalam movie resident evil, gila ke apa masa tu stay still and didn't do anything or even worst pretend to be dead. You will die.

Dogs... Argh. They make me pissed off.

Sudah lah petang tu pissed off dengan makcik jual nasik. Charge mahal untuk nasik dengan seketul ikan sardin. Nasik seringgit dan ikan sardin tu seketul dua ringgit lebih. Memang cari pasal.

He said that i should stay at the hospital. So tak payah ulang alik dari rumah ke hospital. But i insisted to do so. Now, this what i got. Plus, it was the first time i'm commuting from home T____T *cry me a river* Sebab tu orang cakap jangan apa? Jangan degil. Jangan apa? Jangan degil. Bagus lah kalau dah faham. Lepas ni jangan degil.

Worst oncall ever T___T

Sudah lah Candy Crush dah seminggu lebih tak lepas level 65. Jadi macam ni pulak. Lagi lah sedih.

I think they recognized my odor since the very first time they met me and bear in in their mind ad soul. I doomed. Totally doomed.

So i washed my clothes with full of hope that the odor will wash away. Wear perfumes and lotion. Felt like a murderer that just chopped a human into pieces and try the best to clear out all the evidences. It was my theory. If it works, full marks for me. If not, pray for me. T____T

I'm dealing with dogs, not cats. All of you know what dogs can do to you.


Sekarang, balik rumah dari tempat kerja macam baru lepas balik daripada pukul orang. Bawak kayu dengan batu.