Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year Peeps!


Now playing, Troublemaker by Olly Murs :)

Yeah. I know. New year. New resolutions. New things to achieve. New things to buy. HAHAHAHA.

But, I just want the old me. That's all I need for now. That is my new resolution. And of course, I do have new things I want to achieve. Not to forget, a gorgeous beautiful handbag, soon. Yeah.I want it like ages. Heee. (jongkong emas, sila jatuh dari siling sekarang). Being the old me. I think I'm done so many bad things for the past years. Things that i avoided to do.

For this year, I'm really pissed off with somebody. I may look calm, but I've killed you in my head like thousands times. Argh. Having the jealousy beyond I even can imagine and it getting worst and worst day by day. I think it's the worst feeling ever. Bluweek. It got  too much and it makes me really really really  pissed off. Boleh pergi mati tepi-tepi kalau ada orang nak kata aku ni tak sporting ke eating ke shooting ke queen control ke queen bee. Don't mess with me young lady. Jangan sampai aku tanam kau sampai jadi lady finger ke aku fire kau guna kuasa bulan sampai rentung baru kau tau. 

Jangan buat kat orang apa yang kita taknak orang buat kat kita.

Blergh. Stop talking about it. It hurts me. Even the wounds healed but the scars still remained.

I think enough with all these crappy things. Let's move on.
So everybody, lets make a difference! :)

Okay. I think that's all for today. Sebelum ada cikgu Bahasa Inggeris yang murka dengan aku, baik aku berhenti taip dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Grammar berguling-guling.

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